AeroFS first impressions - 17 Nov 2012


Check out AeroFS ASAP! May require a few business days to get an invite code, but eventually you will recieve an automated email from an account administered by Yuri Sagalov (Cofounder, AeroFS). It has made my LAN sync work-flow much easier. Nor are you just constrained to the LAN: KB - What are the firewall requirements?


When I am home, I plug my various machines in to my 1Gbps Ethernet switch. Up until a few weeks ago, I had an elaborate system of mouse-clicks and scripts to curmudgen SFTP synching with my NAS and periodically push back-ups to an external hard-drive. Painful. I only had 0.5GB of my 50GB of content auto-magically synching with Dropbox. I really do not want to be synching 50GB (and growing) of content across the crappy DSL line I am on.

AeroFS NAS/headless set-up

I am running this on CentOS release 5.8 (Final). Pick up the tarball from https://www.aerofs.com/download?os=linux.

yum install java-1.6.0-openjdk sharutils procps screen
tar xzvf aerofs-installer.tgz
mv aerofs /srv/AeroFS_bin
chmod -R +x /srv/AeroFS_bin
screen -dmS AeroFS /srv/AeroFS_bin/aerofs-cli

I added the screen line to /etc/rc.local so it always runs on start-up. Not the best practice, but it works. You will have to pop open the screen instance - screen -r AeroFS


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