Vraid Systems Limited

technology assisted alternatives

development and strategy

Building with fire

Planning, permitting, and general contracting of fire-resistant structures. Downslope and upwind of combustible materials. Climatic projections informing future rainfall collection, insulation needs, and fire risk.

Investment and Risk

Vraid Systems Limited is an investment advisor operating in Colorado, and registered with the Colorado Division of Securities. Vraid Systems Limited specializes in machine learning assisted analysis, sustainable investments, and self-driven educational courses (which do not include individualized investment advice).

Time-based forecasting

Vraid Systems Limited offers a full line of strategy modeling tools from recurrent neural networks with TensorFlow, to Seasonal ARIMAs.



Data authorization, engineering, and ethics. Machine learning.

Distributed organization

Eventual consistency. Remote work. Virtual offices.

Investment innovation

Global options. Private placements. Sustainable alternatives.

Risk management

Environmental trends. Insurance novelties. Off-site fabrication.


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